PML-N is struggling for a peaceful world for a humane and socially just society with equal opportunities for all in light of the universal principles of Islam.
We want peace
We are working for a world
In which all the people of the world live together in harmony, settling their conflicts not through war or an arms race, but rather through peaceful competition and dialogue.
In which a just economic & political order gives all people a fair chance to develop.
We want a global society that respects the values and cultures of all nations, and preserves the existence of mankind an nature on our planet through new and ethical forms of economic activity.
We want social equality for all, men and women, a society without classes, privileges, discrimination, and exclusion.
We want to attain prosperity and happiness for all through promoting enterprises and distribute if fairly, through equal opportunity and united effort.
We want to enrich the life of all people by respecting their culture and aspirations.
We want responsible democracy throughout society that provides people an opportunity of self-governance, and respects merit, transparency, fundamental rights of people, diversity and difference of opinion.
We seek for Pakistan a modern democratic state based on the ideals of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, the founding fathers, that enables its citizens to live their lives with dignity, justice and prosperity.
We want to establish a government that serves its people and enables them to achieve a higher quality of human life. This requires adopting new ideas, new directions, new technologies, and opportunities for the well being and welfare of the people.